In-office BYOLunch & Learns

3rd Wednesday of every month (except July)

Begins at Noon! 45-60 minutes

3204 Smokey Point Drive #204


Bring your lunch, bring your body, bring your curiosity, and spend some time learning about:

Jan.18: Digestion 101
Feb.15: A Little Bit About Hormones
March 15: Microbiome 101
April 19: Leaky Gut?
May 17: Nutrition for Mental Health
June 21: Greens Tasting - From Kale to Collard & Beyond!

Aug.16: Open Q&A! Bring your burning nutrition questions!
Sept. 20: What's Up With Gluten?
Oct.18: Soup!
Nov.15: Mindful eating
Dec. 20: Fermented Foods - Benefits & Tasting!

No need to register - just shoot me an email or a text and let me know you're coming!  206.669.4605

GOOD VIBRATIONSRestorative Yoga with Singing Bowl Savasana is still looking for a home! I'll let you know when we've found one!

Cute and functional! Available in two styles: a narrow cap sleeve in light navy or a regular tee sleeve in midnight. Both are crew neck, 100% cotton, $22.


Cap sleeve: small, medium, large

Tee sleeve:small, medium, large, XL, XXL

Available for pick up at be. well.



These two 4 - Week series will explore in depth some of yoga's basic concepts and poses so you can feel confident and capable wherever you practice.
With an emphasis on safety and personal growth we'll go from the nuts and bolts to the deep and subtle to find the optimal version of favorite poses just for you! Perfect for seasoned practitioners to beginners and newbies, or anyone with an injury or condition that needs extra attention. 

Series 1~ 4 Saturdays DATES TBA
1 - Anatomy of a Yogi: overview of muscle groups and joints used most often in yoga (90 minutes)
2 - Digging Into The Core: yoga for stabilization (90 minutes)
3 - Grounding Down: yoga for the lower half (90 minutes)
4 - Spread Your Wings: yoga for arms, shoulders, neck  and  Pranayama Basics: yoga for lungs, heart, nervous system (3 hours)

Series 2 ~ 4 Saturdays DATES TBA
1 - Going Sideways: yoga in the ribs, hips, and shoulders (90 minutes)
2 - Bending Over Backwards: yoga for the spine (90 minutes)
3 - Let's Twist: yoga for belly organs & immunity (90 minutes
4 - Finding Balance: yoga for the senses and It's All In Your Head: yoga for the brain (3 hours)

​All classes begin at 9am. Classes 1-3 end at 10:30am, while Class 4 ends at 12pm.

Feel left behind in yoga class?  A little shaky in your down dog? 
Want to know how to modify poses for your unique anatomy?
Want to make yoga work for you and get the most out of any yoga class?

Introducing MY YOGA Series! 


16 oz. borosilicate glass (like Pyrex) bottle with plastic flip-top lid and protective silicone cover on the bottom. Dishwasher safe (but the sweet logo will last longer with hand washing). $22 Available for pick up at be. well.

$79 for each series. 
Limited to 12 participants so sign up early!
Class location TBD