"Let food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates  

Let's get beyond diets and regimens, deprivation and rigidity, and instead learn new ways of being that create lasting change - in habits, health, and outlook - and get us back to how our bodies are meant to feel.

Health begins in the gut! From inflammation to hormones, from mood to genes, from immunity to longevity - the GI tract is where it's at. And so the gut is always our starting point.



Although I look to whole foods first and foremost, I do recognize the need for supplements from time to time. Find the highest quality brands on my online dispensary. Use the access code: tohealth for 15% off of retail price!

Semi-Annual Whole Health RESET is typically offered twice a year. In this class we talk about the terms 'detox' and 'cleanse' and learn what they really mean; we'll learn the best lifestyle, body care, and nutrition practices to clean you up and get you running optimally; and we'll spend 3 of the 6 weeks on a food-based overhaul and whole body reboot. 119+ tax includes: lectures, materials, hands-on activities, 3 week menu plan and shopping list.

RESET = Return, Eliminate, Support, Establish, Thrive

Next Start Date:  January 17.

Classes will meet Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for 1 hour. We'll skip Valentine's day

Group Nutrition classes are all original content created by me as a way to teach science-based concepts, encourage a fun and supportive atmosphere, and provide a safe space for growth. These classes are never used to pitch products.  SAC members receive 20% off group classes - select the 'RESET for SAC MEMBERS' button for the discounted price.

Have something more specific in mind? I have several original curricula typically offered in group format, but which are now available one-on-one, including:

  • Semi-Annual Whole Health RESET 
  • Your Personal Food Revolution
  • Living Gluten Free
  • Getting Off PPIs 

Contact me for details! info@kathleenbuchanan.com


Ready for Change! You've had it! You're done! You're ready to commit to yourself, to dig deep and uncover your innate greatness! 10 Weeks of Nutrition Counseling, includes: 10 - 60 minute sessions; visioning; setting end goals and weekly goals; and personalized dietary recommendations. $579 

First 30-Minute Nutrition Consult is FREE!

 One Time Visit: $65 an hour.   Best for specific questions.

STILLAGUAMISH ATHLETIC CLUB Members receive 20% off all be.well. Nutrition and Wellness Coaching services. ​Discounts cannot be combined.


All Nutrition Package purchases are 50% off for the first 10 SAC members

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Other curricula available (dates not currently set):

Living Gluten Free

Getting Off PPIs

Schedule your appointment here. This is not currently set up to accept payments.

If you know me you know I rarely voice my opinion about products or services, and when I do they're something that I truly believe in and have found to be of benefit to me personally.

SO true for Real Plans! I read about it on an online forum for nutrition colleagues and thought I'd give it a try. Wow! It is so cool! Set up your profile with your particular preferences - paleo, autoimmune paleo, keto, vegetarian, and so on; the number of people you cook for; pick the specific meals each week and presto! A highly modifiable weekly menu plan + shopping list! I can't describe all the awesome features, so I'll give you this link to a brief overview instead: REAL PLANS. And here's a link to a longer, more in-depth look at all the features HERE. Check it out! REAL PLANS

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of this program which means I get a small commission whenever anyone signs up through my link. Be assured that I personally use Real Plans and find it to be an awesome tool in staying on track with healthful eating, and being creative in the kitchen.

New Start: Already have some health goals but need that extra accountability piece? Or some clear directions and support? New Start is 5 Weeks of Nutrition Counseling. Includes 5 - 60 minute sessions; visioning and goal setting. $299

Why do I eat what I eat? Why do I crave what I crave?  Why do I end up feeling guilt or shame about my food choices? Ever ask yourself questions like these? Want to move beyond diets and restrictive food plans and cultivate a new relationship with food and eating? Then this is the class for you! We'll look at our past food story, current food story, and craft a new food story based on how we want our relationship with food to be!  Your Personal Food Revolution is a 5 week class meeting once a week for 1 hour. $TBD + tax

Next Start Date: TBA