Ready for Change! You've had it! You're done! You're ready to commit to yourself, to dig deep and uncover your innate greatness! 10 Weeks of Nutrition Counseling, includes: 10 - 60 minute sessions; visioning; setting end goals and weekly goals; and personalized dietary recommendations. $579 

First 30-Minute Nutrition Consult is FREE!

COACH PACKAGE:Let's Get Stuff Done!

First 30-Minute Coaching Consult is FREE!

Initial FREE 30 minute consultation, + 10 - 1 hour sessions. Includes visioning, setting end goals, and setting weekly goals. Frequency and duration of sessions is always flexible. In person or on the phone or both. $495 for 10 weeks. Or $65 for one hour.

RETURN CLIENTS: Many people return to coaching due to change in circumstance; wanting additional insight and resolve; or dealing with new goals. If you have completed a full coaching package with me all subsequent packages are 25% off.*

DISCOUNTS: Anyone working in health and wellness fields - nurses, doctors, chiropractors, caregivers, massage therapists, etc - or in any aspect of public schools, are eligible for a 15% discount on Wellness Coach Packages.* Don't hesitate to ask!

*Not valid on Nutrition Packages. Discounts cannot be combined.

Although I look to whole foods first and foremost, I do recognize the need for supplements from time to time. Find the highest quality brands on my online dispensary. Use the access code: tohealth for 15% off of retail price!

New Start: Already have some health goals but need that extra accountability piece? Or some clear directions and support? New Start is 5 Weeks of Nutrition Counseling. Includes 5 - 60 minute sessions; visioning and goal setting. $299

Have something more specific in mind? I have several original curricula typically offered in group format, but which are now available one-on-one, including:

  • Semi-Annual Whole Health RESET 
  • Your Personal Food Revolution
  • Living Gluten Free
  • Getting Off PPIs 

Contact me for details!

"Let food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates  

Let's get beyond diets and regimens, deprivation and rigidity, and instead learn new ways of being that create lasting change - in habits, health, and outlook - and get us back to how our bodies are meant to feel.

Health begins in the gut! From inflammation to hormones, from mood to genes, from immunity to longevity - the GI tract is where it's at. And so the gut is always our starting point.

  One Time Visit: $65 an hour.   Best for specific questions.


Making appointments might be a little shaky as I transition to my new space. I appreciate your patience. AFTER NOVEMBER 6 Please schedule Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, and Private Yoga sessions through the front desk at Stillaguamish Athletic Club, in person or at 360.435.9404. All other questions: 206.669.4605.

SAC Members receive 20% off all be.well. Nutrition and Wellness Coaching services. Discounts cannot be combined.

I offer private and semi-private (up to 3 people) yoga instruction at The Stillaguamish Athletic Club in Smokey Point. Some people come to learn some basics before trying out a group class. Some are looking for help with specific anatomy-related issues. Some are looking to learn and master a few new skills. Regardless of the reason, one-on-one yoga continues to be one of the most fulfilling things in my professional life. 

$55 an hour.   Six 1-hour sessions for $295.

So what the heck is Wellness Coaching? You know what it's like when you feel truly seen? And heard? What it's like to have someone to bounce ideas off of who can take those ideas and help turn them into plans and goals? And then walk beside you as you turn those goals into realities? All the while giving support and encouragement and saving space for accountability? That's what a coach does. I could go into the neuroscience behind the coach model, neuroplasticity, the idea of growth mindset, etc, but the crux of it is that smaller attainable goals build self-efficacy, and those successes build on each other to move you towards your Vision and End Goals - and accountability is key. Come talk with me - see what it's all about!