I love yoga - how it feels in my body, my breath, my outlook. I love teaching and seeing students discover how simple movements can have big impacts. 

I created MY YOGA Series as a way of getting people in touch with basic anatomy, the uniqueness of their own, and ways to optimize yoga for their individual needs and wants.

I have offered workshops in my area as well as presentations to various groups including Sno-Isle Library in-service; UW P-3 Executive Leadership Institute; and staff of Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington. I've been thrilled to teach at the National Association of Nutrition Professionals' past four national conferences.

I was recently asked to start a yoga for Parkinson's Disease class in the area, and am thrilled to be a part of this community. I am also currently putting the finishing touches on my Level 2 Restorative yoga certification report. 

I LOVE learning, and continue to hone my yoga skills and deepen my understanding with teachers like Judith Hanson Lasater, Gary Kraftsow, Rod Stryker, Shari Friedrichsen, & Tias Little.


I offer private and semi-private (up to 3 people) yoga instruction at The Stillaguamish Athletic Club in Smokey Point. Some people come to learn some basics before trying out a group class. Some are looking for help with specific anatomy-related issues. Some are looking to learn and master a few new skills. Regardless of the reason, one-on-one yoga continues to be one of the most fulfilling things in my professional life. 

$55 an hour.   Six 1-hour sessions for $295.



9am Yoga for Parkinson's Disease at the Stillaguamish Senior Center (main building, just inside and to the right of lobby). This class is open to anyone with PD and their caregivers. 1 hour class, $5.

10:30am Yoga at Stillaguamish Athletic Club, free to members, non-members can buy a day pass for $13. This is a fairly vigorous class with some flow, some deep stretching; with attention paid to alignment, strength, and increased range of motion.

Tuesdays: 9:30am Gentle yoga at the Stillaguamish Senior Centerin Smokey Point. This is a drop-in class open to all ages and levels. $8. Chairs are available, as well as other props to allow the safest and most beneficial practice.

Thursdays: 9:30am At Stillaguamish Senior Center, this yoga class is a bit more energetic than Monday's gentle class. Drop-in class appropriate for all ages and levels, but best if you have at least some familiarity with yoga. $8 all ages. Props available. 

Restorative Yoga + Sound Bath: New dates TBD Events page for details!

Restorative yoga is for everyone regardless of mobility, strength, or temperament : ) This class uses props extensively to support you in a deep, passive stretch. Poses are held between 2 - 20 minutes to allow release of stress and tension with minimal effort and maximum comfort. Sound bath is the playing of crystal or brass singing bowls in such a way as to facilitate a meditative space. It's easier to experience than describe! Come try it!

​Feel free to check out my registry page at Yoga Alliance

**Please see the EVENTS page for special Restorative Yoga + Sound Bath classes!**